What nail Colours are in right now?

We are all loving the bright summer colours at the moment – these are some of our favourites:

Star Spangled Oh Cabana Boy Gumdrop Haute Red Passion Fruit

STAR SPANGLED - Glittery and glam red, enough to light up any night

OH CABANA BOY – Flirty bright candy pink with a fuchsia shimmer –perfect for summer toes

GUMDROP - Turquoise creme with green/blue hues –perfect for summer pastels

HAUTE RED - Classic orange based red crème

PASSION FRUIT - Hot neon pink crème


Do my toenails have to match my fingernails?

In a way yes.  French manicures may be paired with anything as may the sheer tones.  However if wearing a colour on either the toes or fingers,
either match them or use a coordinating shade from the same family.  For instance try ORLY’s

Basket CaseBasket Case on the toes and Kiss the BrideKiss the Bride on the fingers.

My nail polish always chips, why does this happen and is there anything I can do to stop it?

There are two main reasons that nail polish chips:

1) Oil on the nail plate prior to polishing and
2) Wear and tear on the nail

To start with the cleanest nail plate, just prior to the basecoat, cleanse the nail plate with ORLY’s Primetime. This will remove oils and leave a residue free nail plate ready for lacquer application.

To best protect the nails from wear and tear use a basecoat, ORLY’s Bonder is an amazing basecoat -  then use 2 coats of your favorite ORLY three free lacquer and finish with a great top coat.

and Polishield by ORLY are great lacquer protectors appropriate for any type of nail (Polishield is my favorite!).


Creating the Perfect Smile Line

Creating the Perfect Smile LineThe easiest way to create the Perfect Smile Line is to invest in one of ORLY’s French Manicure Kits.  Each kit comes complete with Bonder Base coat, In a Snap Top coat (which contains UV inhibitors to prevent yellowing), White Tips Lacquer for your smile line and one of four sheer lacquers, one of 2 pink shades- Beige or Rose. The kit also contains Half Moon Top Guides, which are stickers which are applied to the nail and used as a template for creating a clear clean well defined smile line.

After applying Bonder, follow up by putting on the white tip guide.  It is simply a sticker applied to the nail plate. Follow with a thin coat of the White Tip Lacquer. Let Lacquer set for about 2 minutes and remove the guides then follow up with a coat of your favourite sheet and In A Snap Top Coat.

Another tip is to find an artist brush (about 10 hairs) to create the smile line itself, using the small brush will create a very clean line and then fill in the rest of the tip using the brush which comes in the bottle.

Hot Party Manicure Tips

To create a beautiful party manicure in no time at all – simply follow these steps to nail heaven!

  1. Fill your bowl with warm water, adding your favourite shower gel or essential oils and soak hands for a few minutes, which will help remove old polish and make trimming nails much easier as they are softer, and less prone to splitting.

  2. Towel dry and remove any old polish.  Then, using your file, file straight across the top, then round of the sharp corners.  Next, buff the surface of the nail to remove any ridges and shine.

  3. Next, apply ORLY Cutique generously to the cuticle area to soften cuticles.  Gently push cuticles back with your cuticle pusher or orangewood stock and then, massage cuticle oil into the nails.

  4. Apply ORLY Primetime to the nails, this will help with removing any oils remaining, balance the pH level of the nails to help your polish last longer.

  5. Apply ORLY Bonder base coat, this provides the perfect surface for your polish to anchor to and also helps prevent staining.  Then, apply two coats of your favourite ORLY nail lacquer, using thin, even strokes across the nail bed.  ORLY Pixy Stix is a great pastel pink crème that looks great on toes.  When it’s time for your top coat, apply ORLY Polishield – a fast drying, high shine, and resilient top coat.

  6. Lastly, apply a drop of ORLY Flash Dry to each nail.  This product will give you a touch-dry pedicure in just 60 seconds, so you’re ready to step out with a perfect mani in no time.


Four easy steps for  a longer lasting manicure


PRIME IT!  Apply one coat of ORLY Primetime.

BOND IT!  Apply one coat of ORLY Bonder chip preventing primer to clean, bare, dry natural nails and let dry.  Rubberized base coat over primetime and let dry.

PAINT IT!  Apply two coats or your favourite ORLY nail lacquer letting each application dry in between.

SHIELD IT!  Finish with one coat of ORLY Polishield 3-in-1 topcoat, to deliver a quick-drying durable shine.


I can never find the patience to wait for my manicure to dry

Try our award winning FLASH DRY DROPS

Accelerates drying time on freshly lacquered nails while delivering brilliant shine. Each drop is enriched with pro-vitamin B5 and wheat germ oil to strengthen the nail and condition the cuticle while protecting the manicure and pedicure from smudging and scratching.

Flash Dry Drops


Peeling, cracked and chipped nails?

Just as you would use a hair treatment to cure split end woes, NAILTRITION works to relieve severely damaged, weak and slow-growing nails by stimulating the natural, healthy growth process. Nailtrition is infused withstrength-promoting collagen, bamboo extract, protein and keratin, which ORLY Australia Creative Director, Fiona Hay, describes as,“essential ingredients for stimulating healthier stronger nails.”


Do you have weak, brittle nails that always peel at the tips?

ORLYs Brush On Nail Glue

Simply brush on a very thin layer of ORLY’s BRUSH ON NAIL GLUE over the white part of the nail, as if you were painting a French tip. Easily and instantly repairs cracked or split nails. Brushes on precisely, smooth and clean for an impeccable application and expert nail repair. Can also be used to apply artificial nail tips or wraps.

Let dry, then top with protein and gelatin enriched Nail Defense to seal the free edge this is a protein enriched nail strengthener which fortifies brittle nails that break easily. A double dose of plant derived protein is transported directly to the nail to repair and promote flexibility.

Apply weekly for phenomenal results.


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